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Battery Traders offer a large range of battery monitors and gauges.   By stocking quality brands such as Enerdrive, Baintech and Arrid you can rest assured that your purchase will work accurately and go the distance.

On offer are analogue and digital meters ranging in price and function.

With so much choice it is hard to know which battery gauge will best suit your requirements.  

Let our team help with practical advice.

 The Baintech range of digital volt and or amp meters are a very successful product choice with many sales and happy customers.   These are all good meters suited to just measuring voltage and amps per hour.

The Baintech Meters sheds light on your power status by means of volts and or amps. Compact, affordable and easy to self- install, these meters are available in easy to use models suited to:

Measuring two DC Currents (amps) in real time.

Measuring two voltages

Measuring 1 voltage

Measuring 1 voltage and 1DC Current (amps)

Most units feature an easy-to-read backlit display which means you can easily read it from a distance at night - just in case you are a bit spooked about venturing out in the wilderness in the dark!

Keep your good times going with a Baintech Volt Amp Meter. Know with certainty the real-time status of your power system so you can take action to prevent being left in the dark before your batteries are dead. Illuminate your peace of mind with Baintech’s standard 2 year product warranty.

If you require a more accurate means off measuring your batteries state of charge, than you may require a shunted “eLITE” monitor by Enerdrive.   These battery monitors will show the actual amps remaining by means of percentage.   Meaning if you have a 200 amp battery bank and the meter shows 50% you know you have 100 amps remaining.   At any time you can view the monitor and see volts, charge or discharge in amps and percentage remaining.   If you require more information on this product feel free to click on the link “eLITE” to view the product a downloadable brochure is also available or feel free to call and speak with one of our experienced team members.


Our team of qualified installers are also available for any installation enquiries or quotes.