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Inverters are an essential item for all long distance travellers, allowing the portable use of 240V appliances from a 12 Volt supply. At Battery Traders, we stock a large range of high quality Pure Sine Wave Inverters from brand names that are synonymous with premium grade equipment, such as Projecta, Enerdrive, Xantrex, TBS, Sinergex, Electro and more. The use of a pure sine wave inverter is preferred over the inefficient and potentially hazardous Modified Square Wave (MSW) Inverters, which can potentially cause damage to appliances that are incompatible them.



The Benefits of Sine Wave Inverters

Unlike MSW's, Pure Sine Wave Inverters are highly sophisticated devices that are capable of producing AC power output that is comparable to that of a typical household. Although more expensive to manufacture and hence buy, they ensure that all items function correctly; from small appliances such as laptops and CD players right through to large household items such as fridges, TV's, microwaves and more. Please note that all appliances will require a sufficiently powerful 12V inverter, depending on the demands of the device.


Our Range of 12 Volt Inverters

Projecta 150 Watt, 12V Inverter – this 150 Watt, pure sine inverter from Projecta is ideal for small appliances such as laptops, cameras, video game consoles and more. Designed in accordance with Australian Standard AS4763, this model comes fully equipped with a host of advanced features including bi-colour LED display to monitor the inverter's performance, fault alarm, thermostatically controlled cooling fan and more. For a more detailed look at this inverter, please refer to this page and click on the 'User Manual & Specifications' tab.


Enerdrive 1000 Watt Inverter – with a capacity of up to 1000W, this Enerdrive 12V Inverter provides flawless functionality for both AC and USB appliances. Ideal for use in your home, boat, caravan or vehicle, the Enerdrive 1000 is pre-equipped with a host of features including warning alarms, auto shutdown, high surge capacity and more. To learn more about this high quality inverter, please visit this page and view additional product information by clicking on the 'Specifications', 'Estimated Run Times' and 'Downloads' tabs.  Enerdrive have 3 size options in total 400 watts, 1000 watts, 2000 watts.


Xantrex 1800 Watt, 12 Volt Inverter – an exceptional device, this 1800W capacity model from Xantrex provides highly efficient, true sine wave AC power from a 12V DC Battery source. Preloaded with a wealth of innovative features including removable LCD remote control panel, advanced cooling system, Powersave mode, the 1800 is lightweight, compact and reliable. Backed by a two year warranty, is Xantrex is an excellent choice for all cross country enthusiasts. To learn more about this exciting product, please visit the Xantrex 1800W page.   This product is also available as a Xantrex 1000W inverter. 



If you have any questions regarding our range of 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverters, please refer to our Contact page or contact us directly on 07 3209 3144.