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Camping has come a long way over the years and so to have our expectations.  Such things as fridges, T.V’s and laptops are all standard inclusions with most camping trips today.  It is for this reason that campers & tourers are asking for dual battery systems.  

A good dual battery system requires an isolation device, heavy duty battery cradle, quality deep cycle battery, heavy duty cable, and quality accessory sockets.  

ECU controlled alternators and temperature controlled alternators are common in newer vehicles.   These types of charging systems will not charge your dual battery correctly.   For this reason DC to DC charging systems have become very popular as they make it possible to charge an auxiliary battery from a late model vehicle charging system.   Our unit of choice is the Redarc range of “in vehicle battery chargers” range.   These high quality DC to DC chargers have proven themselves as the best in the business for reliability and piece of mind.

At Battery Traders you will find an extensive range of dual battery components and many quality brands such as Redarc, BEP Marine, CTek, Enerdrive and Projecta.

Our team includes 3 qualified electricians and s sales team with over 50 years combined experience.

If you are interested in an installed dual battery system or the parts only for a DIY don’t hesitate to call for great service and advice.