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Battery Charger 12V


Battery Traders are a leading online distributor of premium grade 12V battery chargers. We stock a wide range of 12 Volt chargers from established brand names such as CTEK, Enerdrive, Projecta, Redarc, TBS,  Trucharge by Xantrex. We also have Keepower, Sterling, Telwin, Zylux and Battery fighter.Our chargers service a wide range of applications including automotive, caravans, commercial, marine, motorbikes and consumer electronics. A 12V battery charger is an essential device in all transport industries, especially for regular travellers and those journeying to remote locations where professional assistance may not be readily available. For this reason, it's important to invest in equipment that won't fail when you require it most.


12V Battery Charger Applications


From small scale consumer electronic devices to large size motorhomes and beyond, 12V battery chargers are an invaluable resource whenever there is primary power supply failure. Setting up a 12 Volt charger is simple and straightforward and can be used to safely and effectively resupply power to the following major areas:




While flat batteries aren't the end of the world for the average motorist who has easy access to roadside assistance, battery failure is a real concern for long distance travellers and those involved in the transportation industry. For holidaymakers on a casual road trip, suffering unexpected battery failure without a 12 Volt charger in an isolated area would be at best an inconvenience, but at worst, potentially life-threatening. Consider a family whose vehicle's car battery runs flat after stopping for a short while to have lunch or do some sightseeing. The weather is oppressively hot and unforgiving and bottled water is in short supply. Without the aid of a battery charger, assistance may be hours away, possibly more. Such a scenario could be extremely dangerous. Similarly, if a transport worker's vehicle suffers a flat battery while en route to an important delivery and the worker does not have a charger on standby to revive the battery, there could be serious ramifications.


At Battery Traders, we stock a complete range of high grade automotive chargers, ensuring that you'll never be left stranded with an unresponsive vehicle.


Chargers by Use


Small Scale Vehicles – for batteries found in lighter craft such as motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs and lawn mowers, the following 12V chargers are an ideal solution; CTEK XS 0.8 Amp 12 VOLT, CTEK 12 Volt 3.8 Amp, CTEK 12 Volt 5.0 Amp.


Passenger Vehicles – 12V battery chargers for use with smaller passenger vehicles through to 4WDs; Projecta 7 Amp, 12 Volt, Projecta 10 Amp, 12 Volt, Projecta 15 Amp, 12 Volt


Multi-purpose I – the following chargers are suitable for use with workshops, caravans, RVs, boats and cars; CTEK 12 Volt 10 Amp, CTEK 12 Volt 15 Amp, CTEK 12 Volt 25 Amp, CTEK 250S Dual DC-DC Charger, Enerdrive 12v, 20 Amp Charger, Enerdrive 12v, 40 Amp Charger, Enerdrive 12v, 60 Amp, Xantrex 12 volt, 20 Amp Charger, Xantrex 12 volt, 40 Amp Charger, Xantrex 12 volt, 60 Amp Charger, Projecta 50 Amp, 12 Volt, Projecta 35 Amp, 12 Volt




24V Chargers – the following chargers are suitable for use with 24V vehicles such as buses, trucks, CV workshops, backup systems, piste machinery, wheelchairs and more; CTEK 12 Volt 4 Amp, 24 Volt, CTEK 12 Volt 14 Amp, 24 volt, Projecta 8 Amp, 24 Volt


12 and 24V Chargers – the following chargers are equipped with the ability to charge both 12 and 24V batteries for a wide range of vehicles, vessels and devices including recreational vehicles, maritime applications, industrial systems, mobile entertainment systems, electric vehicles and remote homes; TBS Omnicharge 40 Amp, TBS Omnicharge 60 Amp.




Like their automotive equivalent, marine battery chargers are a vital component for any boating enthusiast. Battery failure on any casual expedition can prompt a potentially hazardous situation and having a 12V charger at the ready in the event of failure, will make all the difference. At Battery Traders, we stock only the finest quality marine chargers, ensuring every leisurely day out in your favourite vessel is both enjoyable and without incident.


12V marine battery chargers – the following chargers are ideal for charging marine batteries of various sizes;


Battery Charger Enquiries


If you have a question relating to a specific battery charger, select the desired item and click on 'Ask a Question'. From here, simply enter your question into the box and click the submit button. Alternatively, you can fill out the form on our contact page or phone us directly on 07 3209 3144, where a friendly member of our professional staff is ready to take your call.